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What is Commissioning?

What is Commissioning?

What is Commissioning, Pre-Commissioning, P&ID Checking, Mechanical Completion, Start-Up, Initial Operation, Performance Testing, Post Commissioning, Cold Commissioning, Hot Commissioning, Dry Commissioning, Wet Commissioning, Live Commissioning, ...? A lot of different technical terms. Do you know what they mean? No? Or just a few? Ok, read [...]

Commissioning System and Subsystem Break-Down and System Prioritization

This commissioning training video "Commissioning System and Subsystem Break-Down and System Prioritization" is part of the foundation section of the Online Commissioning Training. Usually, only members of the Online Commissioning Training have access to this 13 minutes training video. But I made an exception today. [...]

Commissioning Training USB Stick

The Commissioning Training USB stick contains the following training material about the "The 9 Key Elements of Successful Plant Commissioning": 10 Videos in HD quality (.mp4) 10 Audio Version (.mp3) 10 MindMaps in high resolution (.png) 10 MindMaps in PDF format (.pdf) Topics & Video [...]

Commissioning Training 2020

Commissioning Training 2020

Today I got an email from Dauren asking me about the Commissioning Training schedule for 2020. Are there any classroom (live) Pre-Commissioning, Commissioning & Start-Up training planned in 2020? Where are the locations, and what is the price? Here is the short answer: There is [...]

Free Commissioning Webinar - Hexagon & Swiss Commissioning

Projects are traditionally driven through sequential stages from design to engineering to operations. The nature of this delivery cycle often creates silos of data resulting in multiple segmented data sources with duplicate, conflicting or incomplete data with independent project milestones stages. Join this webinar on [...]

CMS - CCMS - Commissioning

"Could you tell me which are the most important commercial CMS / CCMS in the industry?" - Alexander from Columbia asked me. Please find the answer to this question here on the commissioning blog below or listen to my commissioning podcast. What is a CMS [...]

Podcast - on Air - Episode #1

A few weeks ago I got a question from a gentlemen regarding "virtual commissioning". He asked me "Thomas, in what way and how would you think that virtual commissioning could save time in the real commissioning process knowing of course that virtually the physical work [...]

CPS 2018 - Commissioning Professionals Symposium

CPS2018 taking place in Houston, November 29th, 2018 - aims to share knowledge, innovation and best practice to boost productivity in the Commissioning and Startup Arena. The event boasts a program packed with key topics delivered by top Industry speakers representing Operators, EPC’s and Major [...]