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Recommended Commissioning Books

Recommended Commissioning Books

A few days ago Bart from Canada asked me: “Thomas, what are the recommended commissioning books?”

So instead of just reply to Bart I sat down and created this blog post about the recommended commissioning books.

When you search online for commissioning books you will notice three things:

  1. There are not so many plant commissioning books available.
  2. The majority of the commissioning books have been published a few years ago.
  3. Not all commissioning books are available in electronic format (e.g. in Kindle format at Amazon).

So I came up with the top three recommended commissioning books available today.

Top Three Recommended Commissioning Books – Hardcover – Kindle Version – Hardcover – Kindle Version – Paperback – Paperback – Hardcover – Kindle Version – Hardcover – Kindle Version


Can you recommend very good commissioning books from your own experience?

If so, please share it in the comments section below.

Thank you very much!

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