Commissioning Mastermind Group

Problems in your current project with start-up, commissioning or pre-commissioning? New in the position as a commissioning engineer or commissioning manager? A new project with new challenges?

You don’t know what to do and who to ask? Here is the solution!

Access other commissioning brains now!

Borrow another commissioning brain. Have access to Thomas Stuenkel’s knowledge and experience as a commissioning engineer and commissioning manager.

If Thomas can not answer your question – don’t worry. Thomas has access to a huge network of commissioning professionals around the world who are able to provide an answer.

Ask one question per month

You can ask one question per month. Just send an email with your commissioning related question to Thomas Stuenkel. The answer will be provided in video format (downloadable!) or during your personal monthly Skype call with Thomas.

One monthly 30 minutes Skype call

This will be a personal Skype call with Thomas Stuenkel. You pick the date and time which fits the best in your schedule. The Skype call will be recorded and the video will be available in the video archive as well.

If you don’t want to have the Skype call recorded – no problem, we can skip it.

Video archive – access all previous answered questions (not only yours – all!)

All previous answered questions will be available in a video archive. This includes all videos from all Commissioning Mastermind Group members. Over time this will grow into a huge searchable commissioning problem solving database.

Monthly subscription – cancel anytime

You want to ask just one question? No problem! Subscribe for one month and cancel your subscription any time. No worries, no hassle.

Changed your mind and want to join again? No problem. Return to this page and subscribe again.

Commissioning Mastermind Group – Ask your first question – order now!

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