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Commissioning Podcast

Commissioning Podcast - on Air

Commissioning Podcast

What is the Commissioning Podcast about?

Together with Thomas Stuenkel we discuss in this podcast commissioning related topics, we connect the international commissioning community and we discover what can be good subjects to develop an online commissioning training about.

Last but not least we have interviews with commissioning experts from around the world.

For example we have an interview with Miroslav Grman – a 30 years old commissioning manager & commissioning engineer.

Miro speaks about his career path in commissioning. He started when he was a student at age 21.

Now he works as a freelance commissioning manager at BHU Umwelttechnik GmbH, Stuttgart, Germany.

If you are a student or young engineer you should listen to this episode.

Are you interested into CMS (completions management system) or CCMS (completions & commissioning management systems)? Then you can listen to the episode ‘Which are the most important commercial CMS / CCMS in the industry?‘. 

How can you listen or subscribe (free of charge) to the Commissioning Podcast?

The easiest way is just to visit the Commissioning Podcast website and click the play button on the episode you are interested in. Or click the ‘Listen NOW’ button below to visit the Commissioning Podcast website.

Commissioning Podcast - Listen Now

The downside of this method is you will not be informed when new episodes are released. Therefore I highly recommend to subscribe additionally to one of the following services:

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Listen here to some commissioning podcast example episodes

Do you wan to do an interview with me? The interview will be published to the Commissioning Podcast, too.

Do you work in commissioning of industrial plants? Do you have special expertise in pre-commissioning, commissioning & start-up of large plants? Do you offer commissioning services? Are you a provider of a CMS or a CCMS?

Do you want to be interviewed by me?

Then send me a message via my contact page.

Talk soon,

Thomas Stuenkel