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PRE-COMMISSIONING - Commissioning Training - MindMap - The 9 Key Elements

After the 4th commissioning training video “P&ID Checking” we continue with the 5th part: Pre-Commissioning Any comments or questions? Just post it at the bottom of this page. Or do you want to enroll into the FREE Online Commissioning Training? Just click here and you [...]

Commissioning Engineer T-Shirt

Commissioning Engineer T-Shirt

The Commissioning Engineer T-Shirt "Commissioning Engineer only because full time Multi Tasking Ninja is not an actual job title" is available in our online shop now! You can choose between different designs, different colors and different sizes, too. Click the image below to shop now. [...]

Commissioning Training Dubai 2016

Commissioning Training Dubai 2016

Start the video below to get all information about the Commissioning Training Dubai 2016. Or click here to get the mind map in PDF format.   Hello everybody, This is Thomas Stuenkel, founder of, a commissioning engineer commissioning manager and commissioning coach. Today I [...]

Commissioning Training Webinar - Water Flushing

The Live Online Commissioning Training Webinar - Water Flushing starts on February 17, 2016 at 01:00 pm EST (Eastern Standard Time). Jim Vinson will present a commissioning training session about "Introduction to Modern Commissioning Equipment Cleaning Services - Water Flushing for Equipment Cleaning". He will [...]

Commissioning System and Subsystem Break-Down and System Prioritization

This commissioning training video "Commissioning System and Subsystem Break-Down and System Prioritization" is part of the foundation section of the Online Commissioning Training. Usually, only members of the Online Commissioning Training have access to this 13 minutes training video. But I made an exception today. [...]