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Available since August 17, 2015
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What attracts me most among all the valuable characteristics of the Online Commissioning Training, is its ongoing and continuously self-revising nature. It is a peace of mind that you know there is an always available source that you can refer to when you are dealing with an issue. And above that, Thomas as the instructor, takes a mentorship role on the side by being responsive to the comments on different topics and to the questions being asked.

And I need to repeat that I can see Thomas is continuously working to update this training hub and to add more value to it by new subjects, new training materials and also by diversity and using lessons learned from other industry experts and professionals.

Another aspect of diversity here is that although the course focus is on commissioning, but it is not limited to that. Various interesting aspects of engineering, management and most importantly leadership is also presented and discussed as well.

Roozbeh Parhizkar, Australia

Dear Thomas,

I would like to say that I am very grateful to have participated of this fabulous training provided by you.

In 2009 April I was invited to work as customer senior commissioning engineer in two projects: a 230 000 BPD Refinery with two train of refine and a Petrochemical Complex. When I started to work in that year in the Company did not had a general systematized method for commissioning. We needed to work a lot in order to create an effective methodology of work and tools for controlling and execute all commissioning activities.

It was so difficult to find practical knowledge beyond of those found on few excellent books like Chemical and Process Plant Commissioning Handbook from Killcross and Process Plant Commissioning from Horsley. As you know both the bibliography and the knowledge about commissioning is very sparse.

Looking for relevant information about commissioning, I found your site and the call for the online training commissioning. Taking this training was the best decision I made.

The training was very useful. The documentation provided was very thorough and well thought out. The videos presented by you have an excellent didactic and videos with David Nisbett spend a great experience.

I thank you so much, for your initiative and I hope this training can help many people to understand more about commissioning, a great discipline to ensure the best start up and smooth handover.

One more time thank you.

Best regards,

Rodolfo Silverio, Brazil

To introduce myself, I am Tony Davies and currently working as a freelance Commissioning Consultant and have spent all of my working life so far in the Petrochemicals and Oil and Gas Industries, beginning as Apprentice then climbing to Technician, Supervisor, Engineer, Manager, Director and now Consultant.

At the beginning of my career in the 1960s I served a 5-year Trade Apprenticeship in a Petro-chemical environment with the associated Technical qualifications, later acquiring a Bachelor’s Degree for Academic qualification. ‘Commissioning’ as a separate Discipline did not really start to exist until the 1980s so the experience in that I accrued in this area initially came largely from working on-site and in Engineering Offices with experts in their fields from design to start-up, being extremely fortunate with the many opportunities that came along particularly with the boom in the UK Oil and Gas Industry during the 1970s and 1980s.

One thing that I have been aware of for quite a long time is that for my generation, the training that I received, both Academic and Technical and the opportunities available were really taken as given when I was younger. These days due to cost-cutting, low profit margins, high efficiency expectations and low product returns, such hands-on training, experiences and tuition is becoming more and more difficult to acquire and particularly in the area of Completions and Commissioning.

It was therefore very refreshing to discover a Company, Commissioning Coach offering tuition in this area and with an option of either Classroom or Online so I decided that I should really enrol in one of the courses and assess the substance before making any judgement calls.

Like a lot of people, taking a week out from work to attend a course was very difficult for me to commit to so I opted for the on-line version, which I knew I could go in and out of to fit in with my own schedule. Starting the course in September 2015, I completed the final examination in December 2015.

Having been through the programme in depth and detail, I can tell anyone that it was enjoyable, informative, succinct, well-structured and totally appropriate. The online facility also offers communication directly with the founder and owner, Thomas Stuenkel, who is very well-versed in the skills of Completions and Commissioning and very approachable too.

I would recommend that for anyone coming into Commissioning, or for anyone that has been in the business for some time but feels they need to make themselves more aware of the modern techniques that are being used Completions and Commissioning Management and Engineering, this course will help considerably. I know of no other Company that can solely offer this training.

Well done Thomas!

Tony Davies, Scotland, U.K.


Dear Thomas,

The information in your website is a complete package and a great help to fully understand Commissioning in more detail.

It covers wide knowledge coupled with great emphasize on Safety, Leadership, proper Communication and Project Management.

Should the Clients, Management, Contractors and Vendors embrace the knowledge imparted in your website, there would be great improvement in project completion and could prevent delay in completion and delivery of projects, save cost and probably safe lives.

After reading through the information, it gives me interests and confidence to be part of commissioning team in the near future or next project.

Best regards,

Ricces Calinao, Singapore

Hi Thomas,

I want to tell you that I am happy.

First of all I am glad with this excellent training course online. The truth is that I learnt more than I was expecting. Today I have good knowledge about Precommissioning, Commissioning and Start-Up.

Your methods using the mind maps are a good guide to learn and also I began to apply this knowledge in the company where I am working. It is not easy but the knowledge that I received in this online training gave me the capacity and property to do it.

A thousand thanks Thomas, you are a great professor.

Best regards,

Jaime Grisales, Colombia

Dear Thomas,

Thanks for making education in commissioning become so accessible and flexible at a very reasonable price.

The material course covers wide spectrum of the subject and I had leveraged my level of knowledge in this subject even though I had been in this area for 3 years now.

I want to thank you for having such motivation to share and make this a success in educating those who are in needs and interested.

Hope to exchange knowledge with you in the future.

It is not just a course/knowledge but a friendship.


Andrew Chung, Malaysia

Pre-Commissioning, Commissioning & Start-Up Training
5 days – November 17-21, 2014
Panama Marriot Hotel – Panama City – Republic of Panama

Dear Thomas,

I attended the course in Panama.

I wanted to express hereby compliance with the topics and what I consider very good quality study materials.

With the participation in the course I managed to go into some aspects (leadership, motivation, programming), which I hope are useful in the future.

Receive my sincere greetings,

Ernesto Calderon, Argentina

TECHINT - Argentina

“Process Plant Start-up, Commissioning & Troubleshooting” Training
2 x 3 days – October 21-23 and 26-28, 2014
Mesaieed – Qatar – QAPCO (Qatar Petrochemical Company)

Dear Thomas,

Three days pre-commissioning, commissioning and start-up training was really helpfull for my duty. I got a lot things from your training specially how we plant the job correctly by right steps, which one should do and which one should not do, so the goal can be achieved safely without any delay.

And as well about leaderships & motivation was also really very interesting. So this training makes me more confident to do my jobs.

Sriyanto Pawiro, Qatar

QAPCO Qatar Petrochemical Company

Dear Mr. Stuenkel,

The two sessions of the course "Process Plant Start-up, Commissioning & Troubleshooting" held at our premises, from 21-28 October 2014, was received well, gauging from feedback received from participants. Most of those who attended have evaluated the course positively. They have rated highly, all the major elements of the course, such as the course content, delivery and course material. One of them also called you "The Perfect Instructor".

We are happy to note that the course has added value to the attendees and to the job they perform and in the process has added value to the company. Thank you very much.

Kind regards,

Rammohan M. Rai / Learning & Development Coordinator, Qatar

QAPCO Qatar Petrochemical Company

Pre-Commissioning, Commissioning & Start-Up Training
5 days – October 12-16, 2014
Hotel Moevenpick Jumeirah Beach – Dubai – UAE

Dear Thomas,

I really feel proud to attend this course of Plant Startup and Commissioning, it was adding a lot of knowledge to me and it will be guiding me in my current project during commissioning stage.

I highly recommend to keep conducting this seminar minimum 3 times in the year and also I inform my friends about how it was valuable and it worth to attend it. The things I like it from the course was as follow:

1. Materials & the Handbook of the course.

2. The experience & valuable knowledge for the organizer of the course (teacher).

3. The expert of participates of the course and the share knowledge from the side discussion among the trainee.

4. Location and the accommodation area for the Hotel were fantastic.

Wishing you the best Mr. Thomas and hope to see you again in another future meeting.

Waleed Khalid Al-Jenai, Saudi Arabia

SABIC - Saudi Basic Industries Corporation

Dear Thomas,

I really want to thank you – also in the name of my entire team – very much for the training you gave us in Dubai on Pre-Commissioning, Commissioning and Start-Up.

For me it was extremely useful because I will have to “set the stage” for exactly these activities in my Project soon. Your training was an eye-opener for most of us and we have been focusing on planning the Commissioning-Activities in our Project with enthusiasm ever since.

I seriously believe this training will have a significant influence on the success of our CSU-activities, because it is the first time most of us will be confronted with this subject in a project execution and your course has given us a guideline how we can manage this challenge that has been a little bit underestimated before in our project organization, because normally we do not directly handle these activities. Also, I will for sure follow your website and check for updates in your download-section in the future, because I find the information very useful!

Hopefully I can also contribute to this community and provide you soon with lessons-learned or other helpful material.

It was a great training, in a great location with great people and a great Coach! …in fact one of the best courses I have ever participated!

Thank you!


Michael Bongar, Romania

OMV Petrom

Dear Thomas,

Frequently the Pre-commissioning, Commissioning and Start Up (PCSU) activities are disregard during the project life and just seriously considered when the construction completion is coming to an end, leading to improvisations, unnecessary safety risks and at the end increasing the time to start up the new facilities.

I have found in this seminar a clear understanding about the best practices of when to start planning in detail the PCSU activities as well as to understand in an structured way what is really expected for such an important part of the project execution phase; moreover, the clear examples of check list, punch listing among other key information provides also a tool kit that I am sure will help me in an important part of my job responsibilities.

In addition the opportunity to share experience with colleagues working in different business sectors was really a good complement.

Looking forward for more information about PCSU in your web page.

Thank you!

Jesus Tachon, Romania

OMV Petrom

Hey, Thomas,

Thank you so much for your excellent lecture which in my opinion is the best one on "commissioning and start up" that I've ever in.

It gave me an impressively clear idea that how commissioning should generally be organized and performed step by step and day by day.

Moreover I enjoyed the interesting experience to be with you and all the other attendants with whom we shared our work experience and gained more.

Qi Qiukai, United Arab Emirates

CPPCOC - China Petroleum Pipeline Bureau Commissioning Operation Company

Dear Thomas,

It's very nice to have this class.

In the last five days, I enjoyed your training so much, and I learnt a lot of useful knowledge about pre-commissioning and commissioning.

My company is specialized in pre-commissioning and start-up, and your training let me know how to implement pre-commissioning, commissioning and start-up in the right way, which is in line with international practice.

In addition, I'm very happy to meet those classmates, I hope we would meet again in the future.

Let's keep in touch.

Liu Hua, United Arab Emirates

CPPCOC - China Petroleum Pipeline Bureau Commissioning Operation Company

The pre-commissioning, commissioning and startup course in Dubai was a good course for me and gives me more ideas and tools to improve my future commissioning working tasks.

This training course is not only for newcomers in this area.

Talking and discussing with Thomas and other experienced participating people gives you answers to special questions and new ideas.

Thomas' way to present the topics in this training and his skills as a speaker are really fantastic.

Thank you very much.

M. Allevato, Germany

BASF Company

Conference “7th Annual Plant Commissioning & Start-Up 2014”
3 days – August 25-27, 2014
Kuala Lumpur – Malaysia – Marcus Evans

Hello Thomas,

Thank you for being part of the 7th Annual Plant Commissioning and Start-Up forum in Malaysia. You have given fascinating delivery of insights and knowledge on commissioning with an interesting blend between both leadership and technical elements to commissioning that participants could take and apply to their daily activities to overcome their daily commissioning challenges. Moreover your approach in taking a broad commissioning concept and branching out and zooming into and addressing each of the specific areas, making the complex more simple to understand is remarkable. Also the way you combine your delivery with your passion and energy is outstanding.

Hope to see you again! It has been and would be a great pleasure to work with you again!

Dave Kritrungroj, Malaysia

Marcus Evans

Commissioning Training Course
5 days
June 30 till July 04, 2012
Kish Island – Iran – PEDEC (Petroleum Engineering and Development Company)

Mr. Thomas Stuenkel categorized his practical commissioning experiences (success and fail stories) in this commissioning course. He simplified, integrated and presented his knowledge in an interactive environment. He involved participants in course content so that they were able to compare and complete their commissioning knowledge and to have self confidence and valuable ideas in commissioning.

The commissioning course in Kish Island was one of the best courses which I have ever took part in it.

Thomas, thank you very much for this valuable and remarkable commissioning course.

Hamid Reza Fahimi Manesh, Iran

Petromentor International Education (Beijing) Co. Ltd.

Dear Thomas,

Just a quick note to say thanks very much for the information I received at the commissioning course last month in Kish Island in Iran. As a process engineer who had done process design in engineering companies with no/minor information about commissioning at site, I must say you brought plenty of information to refer to and use in our industry. You helped us to realize our problems and provided us strategies/ways to solve them. I really enjoyed your presentation about the leadership as well, it was brilliant. In summary it was:

The most practical training I have ever received and well presented in a very friendly way by an excellent instructor.

Now all I have to do is to share the great knowledge and put it into action.

Best Regards,

Maryam Derakhshan, Iran

PEDEC (Petroleum Engineering and Development Company)

Pre-Commissioning, Commissioning & Start-Up ‘Express’ Training for Commissioning Managers
4 days – April 01-04, 2012
Narva – Estonia – Eesti Energia Õlitööstus AS

The training session at the shale oil plant was very useful. Useful and relevant information regarding the start-up processes was offered during the course. The information was delivered in a systematic and logical manner.

Thomas thoroughly covered start-up and commissioning activities; a lot of attention was given to human factors and how a single individual employee can affect the final result. There was focus also on leadership and motivation; it was quite an interesting to get feedback about commissioning manager personality skills ability. Leadership style assessment was interesting.

The lecturer complemented the information with real-life illustrative example cases, which helped understating the information delivered. The real-life experience examples of commissioning and start-up procedures were exceptionally helpful.

The knowledge obtained will be useful in everyday activities and will help avoid mistakes in future projects.

The training was conducted in a friendly atmosphere supporting amicable discussions and information exchange.

We recommend Thomas Stuenkel as an expert with strong background capable of conveying his knowledge to anyone interested.

We wish him success in his area!

Group Feedback, Estonia

Eesti Energia Õlitööstus AS

I really enjoyed Thomas’s lecture on startup and commissioning. The knowledge he shared during the lecture can be used both when planning startup and commissioning and when performing these operations. The test in management style produced a good impression. I especially would like to emphasize Thomas’s skills as a speaker. He is capable of engaging an audience and presenting ideas in an accessible manner, while using examples from real-life projects and his own experience.

Thanks for the valuable experience.

Aleksandr Valtsev, Estonia

Eesti Energia Õlitööstus AS

Conference “LNG Technology World Summit 2011”
2 days – November 29-30, 2011
Doha – Qatar – Fleming Gulf

We would like to state that it was indeed a pleasure to associate with Mr Thomas Stuenkel for a day-long workshop for the LNG technology World Summit – 2011 that was held in Doha, Qatar. Mr Stuenkel conducted a workshop on the theme "Commissioning, Leadership & Motivation For One Time Start-Up- Recognizing Your Leadership Style And Why It Matters". His workshop content reflected the current and emerging trends of present day business challenges and was very motivating for the participants. Mr Stuenkel's presentation skills coupled with interaction with each participant not only caught the rapt attention of the participants but also helped the attendees to understand the dynamics and importance of leadership issues. The workshop is vital for entrepreneurs and managers engaged in start-up operations of a plant to comprehend that deadlines may not be achieved without synchronization, inspiration and motivation of their respective teams. Fleming Gulf looks forward to associate with Mr Stuenkel for similar future endeavors to share and spread expertise with concerned stakeholders of the industry. We wish Mr Stuenkel success in all his endeavors.

Paul Ranjit for the "LNG Team", India

Fleming Gulf Conferences

Before the workshop began, I had the opportunity to get a glimpse of the slides concerning the Workshop on “Leadership Style Assessment and the laws to it”. I instantly took an interest to attending it. Mr. Thomas Stuenkel, our Workshop Leader had a very dynamic personality being a Grandparent! ‘I would like to say, am so very happy I came to be a part of this!'

The Workshop was a very personalized presentation - a thorough, practical approach. I gained confidence after doing the “Self Evaluation: Leadership Style”. I recommend the Workshop as it is along the path of personal leadership skills - a perfect way to learn the strength of your concern for task in your management style and also concern for people and become more practiced, so as to take home the skills. I specifically liked it when Mr. Thomas interacted one on one with the audience making sure that each of them understand where they stand on the Ladder of Leadership and the potential they carry. Three ways I've benefited from this Workshop are: 1. Every can be a leader. 2. Gained a better understanding of my leadership strengths and the areas where improvement is needed.

This is the first program I've attended that I can honestly say that I've learned a great deal about myself and how we can work more effectively as a team. Mr. Thomas’s energy and experience of so many years proves that he is very dynamic even at the age of a Grandparent!

Shivani Jog, India

Fleming Gulf Conferences

Conference “Plant Commissioning & Start-Up 2011”
2 days – May 23-24, 2011
Bangkok – Thailand – Marcus Evans

Thomas presented a great session on Leadership & Motivation in a Commissioning Project at the World Engineering Congress in Bangkok!

Siti Aishah Zainal Abidin, Malaysia

Marcus Evans

Commissioning Training Course
5 days
February 05-09, 2011
Kish Island – Iran – NIOC (National Iranian Oil Company)

Kish Island commissioning course and workshop were extremely well presented and it was relevant to our work. After the workshop, graduates have good potential to setup commission team and helping their team members succeed in well workflow. Presented strategies were based on the real previous experience from various plants and it was reason to learn effectiveness. Alumnae have also learned how to use the available facilities to provide true policy to meet the earlier defined targets.

Thank you very much.

B. Khodaei, Iran

NIOC (National Iranian Oil Company)

The commissioning course in Kish island was a very good course for me and I’ve learned so much during the class. Thomas kindly shares his experience regarding to commissioning. Almost for everything that you talk about it during the class you gave us a practical example. It helps to understand which part I’m not good at it; I compare your experiences with mine and I figure out what is wrong with my past commissioning experiences.

Your very good course in the Kish Island now follows with your fantastic video courses. It’s 5 stars after sales services!

Thank you so much.

Mahmoodreza Farokhpour, Iran

NIOC (National Iranian Oil Company)

Commissioning Training Course
5 days
February 06-10, 2010
Mahmood Abad – Iran – NIOC (National Iranian Oil Company)

Your training course in Mahmoud Abad was very useful for me and my frinds specially your "two days team work practices" at the end of the course. Thank you very much.

Ayub Saeedavi, Iran

NIOC (National Iranian Oil Company)

Dear Thomas,

I really appreciated you and Peter, your brilliant knowledge was very useful for me, it was one of the best courses about commissioning that I've passed.

Sincerely yours,

M. R. Bashiri, Iran

NIOC (National Iranian Oil Company)

Yes, that was a really nice class and training course, I never forget about it, thanks Thomas for your brilliant experience.

Ehsan Nasri, Iran

NIOC (National Iranian Oil Company)

FREE Online Commissioning Training
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Dear Thomas,

I just want to tell you, thanks for all your videos, they were very important in my job, I learned a lot, I could not pay for all, but the few things I receive from your videos, lead me to the success.

I was working, with CB&I here in colombia in the Cartagena refinere expansion, was a greate experiance. For all this and of course (your videos), I took the decision to study Mechatronic Engineering.

Is a great decision for me and my family, (I am 40 years old), but I like to study, and your videos gave me a new vision.

Thank you again for everything.

Gustavo Adolfo Silva Quibano, Colombia

Dear Thomas,

Please be informed that your presentations are awesome.

It's nice to refresh the basic and fundamentals of Commissioning.


Antony Jenis, United Arab Emirates

Dear Thomas,

I would like to inform you that Online Commissioning Training really add to me a lot of valuable basic and information about pre-commissioning and commissioning activities.

Thank you very much.

Hassaan Ismail Al-Zoubi, Kuwait


Dear Thomas,

I wanted to thank you for granting me access, but I really wanted to reflect on my short experience and express my admiration.

Online Commissioning Training is an innovative and practical idea for education and technical development in today’s connected world. As a concept and platform, it is truly a 21st century approach for advancement.

The content encompasses a diverse range of specialties and relevant knowledge for commissioning purposes. I see that useful for the novice and for experienced professionals.

The quality and quantity of material, ease of access, and delivery make this ideal for effective training. I personally intend on making use of this resource to update my information in certain areas required for my consulting career as and when needed. I endorse Online Commissioning Training and wish you continued success.

My best,

Bahjat Zayed, Saudi Arabia

Dear Mr. Stuenkel,

Thank you very much for training materials you have uploaded at your website. They are very useful and beneficial for engineers who want to have some brief idea how to carry out completions, commissioning and start-up works.

Kind Regards,

H. Burak Polat, Turkey