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Commissioning Coaching

Commissioning Training - MindMap - The 9 Key Elements - P&ID CHECKING

After the 3rd commissioning training video "Mechanical Completion" we continue with the 4th part: P&ID Checking Any comments or questions? Just post it below the video. Or do you want to enroll into the FREE Online Commissioning Training? Just click here and you will get [...]

Commissioning_Training - MindMap - The 9 Key Elements - MECHANICAL COMPLETION

Did you watch the 2nd commissioning video training lesson? Yes? Ok, then let’s continue with the 3rd lesson: Mechanical Completion This commissioning training should remove the confusion about "What does it mean - MC - and whichs items are included and which not?" I appreciate [...]

Commissioning Training Survey

Commissioning Training Survey - What are your biggest problems during commissioning?

I came back from the commissioning conference in Bangkok and a lot of attendees told me about their problems and challenges during commissioning ... so I got the idea for this Commissioning Training Survey. And now, I'd like to GIVE YOU THE CHANCE to talk [...]

Commissioning Training - MindMap - The 9 Key Elements - COMMISSIONING PLANNING

Did you watch my first commissioning mini training video? Yes? Ok, then let's continue with the 2nd lesson: Commissioning Planning. In this video you will learn all items which have to be planned carefully in order to get a safe and fast plant start-up. I [...]

Free Online Commissioning Video Training

I am happy to publish the first video of my 10 parts commissioning video training course. In this video I will give you an overview about "The 9 Key Elements of Successful Plant Commissioning". Please write a comment and let me know what you like [...]