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Commissioning Video Training Course – “The 9 Key Elements of Successful Plant Commissioning” – Part 1 of 10

Free Online Commissioning Video Training

Commissioning Video Training Course in 10 Parts

I am happy to publish the first video of my 10 parts commissioning video training course. In this video I will give you an overview about “The 9 Key Elements of Successful Plant Commissioning”.

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"The 9 Key Elements of Successful Plant Commissioning" - Free Online Commissioning Video Training

“The 9 Key Elements of Successful Plant Commissioning”
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Commissioning Video Training – Video Transcript

Hello Everybody,

Here’s Thomas Stuenkel, founder of; a commissioning manager and a commissioning engineer. Welcome to part one of my ten parts commissioning video mini-training course for commissioning newbies. In this course I want to give you an overview about the nine key elements for successful plant commissioning. It doesn’t matter if you want to commission a petrochemical plant, a refinery, a power station or water treatment plant, the nine key elements are the same everywhere.

In this first lesson you will learn to name the nine key elements and you will learn the right order of the nine key elements. I choose the mind map format for my presentation, because it’s easier to remember and of course you can download these mind map in HD quality from my download section on

So let’s start with key element number one. You guess, yes, the first key element is planning; without proper planning you will not be able to commission a plant safely and in time. Second key element is MC or Mechanical Completion, this is a time when the commissioning team takes over the systems from the construction team.

The third key element is at the same time the first big task in the field for the commissioning team. It’s the P&ID check; the commissioning engineer will verify that everything in the field is built according to the specifications.

Pre-Commissioning is the fourth key element; it includes cleaning of pipes by blowing and flushing, mechanical cleaning of vessels and tanks, no load test runs of motors and much, much more.

The fifth key element is Commissioning; this step includes for example introduction of utilities, dry running trials, hot running trials, safe fluid dynamic testing, solvent dynamic testing and process fluid tests. Now we will face a lot of problems to be solved before key element number six, Start-Up.  This means the entire plant will be taken slowly to full operation.

And now we are coming to the Initial Operation; this phase is necessary to prepare the performance test. During the initial operation the entire plant will be optimized.

Key element number eight, the Performance Test is a big moment for the whole commissioning team, now we have to prove that the plant meets all specifications under normal operating conditions.

During the Post Commissioning phase a reduced commissioning staff will take care and solve open punch points; don’t underestimate the time necessary for post commissioning activities.

I want to remind you that you can download these mind map in HD quality from my download section on

I summarize the first lesson, we learnt to name the nine key elements of successful plant commissioning and we learnt the right order of it. In lesson number two I will speak about the first key element, Planning, in more detail.

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Thomas Stuenkel

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