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Podcast Commissioning Team Talk

Note: This is a guest post by Martyn Canham, President of Rev1 Oil & Gas and host of the commissioning podcast Commissioning Team Talk

Thank you, Thomas, for allowing me to share my story with your blog readers.

Hi everyone, my name is Martyn Canham and I have been in various positions in the systems completion and commissioning field for the last 20 years.

This month I launched something I’m very excited about. It’s called Commissioning Team Talk and I wanted to share it with you today.

As I travel around, I’m constantly connecting with inspiring individuals at all levels who have not only made a success of their own careers, but have made a huge difference in the ways companies and projects work. I love hearing their stories about how they started from humble beginnings and have found a way to make the value chain, from design through construction to commissioning, easier, more effective and efficient.

My aim with Commissioning Team talk is to share these stories to a much broader audience with an audio experience, so that we can all benefit and learn from their experiences, good and bad. In this dynamic and forever changing business world in which we live and work, we need to constantly find better ways do our work smarter and more cost effective to be competitive and quite frankly, to remain in business.

For that reason, I’ve created the commissioning podcast Commissioning Team Talk, where every two weeks I shall be interviewing an inspiring person with a story, best practice or something of value to share with our listeners from the Commissioning community.

Thomas’s interview at the commissioning podcast was No. 002 in the initial series, so I would encourage everybody to listen to that episode and hear from the man himself about his background and how his Commissioning Training Platform is making a huge difference in how we train as Commissioning professionals in the future.

So, I do hope you subscribe on iTunes and enjoy the commissioning podcast, the link can be found below. You can easily listen to Commissioning Team Talk during your commute to work or maybe on the treadmill. If you like the concept, please get involved, share with other people in our discipline. Please rate and write a comment on iTunes or send me an email with your comments and maybe thoughts of a good future featured guest or hot topic you want to know more about.

Let’s unite the global community of Commissioning professionals and grow stronger as a collective.

I hope to meet you in person someday and hear your story.

Until then, best wishes and enjoy the podcast,


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Commissioning Podcast - Commissioning Team Talk

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