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Commissioning Training Course Kish Island - Sunset on Kish Island, Iran

The 2nd commissioning training course for NIOC (National Iranian Oil Company) has been conducted by Ralph W. "Pete" Peters from TMEI and me, Thomas Stuenkel, in Kish Island from February 05, 2011 till February 09, 2011. Kish Island is located south of Iran in the [...]

Commissioning Crossword Puzzle

Commissioning Crossword Puzzle

Do you like crossword puzzles? Yes? Ok! But what has a commissioning crossword puzzle in common with pre-commissioning, commissioning and start-up of an industrial plant? It's a nice and funny way to improve and test your knowledge about commissioning! I prepared a first crossword puzzle [...]

Commissioning Seminar Iran

Together with Ralph W. "Pete" Peters from TMEI I held the Commissioning Seminar Iran in Mahmood Abad at NIOC's training center closed to the Caspian Sea in Iran from February 06, 2010 till February 10, 2010. The course has been requested by NIOC (National Iranian [...]

Pre Commissioning Checklist

Today I added more than one pre-commissioning checklist (in detail: 13) to the download area. The Word file contains pre-commissioning checklists for the following equipment: Agitator Blower Column Column (packed) Drum / Vessel Fan (air cooled FD) Filter (sand) Heater (fired) Pump (proportional, metering, reciprocating) [...]

Commissioning Seminar - Commissioning Training - I need your help

My name is Thomas Stuenkel. I'm a German and I'm living in Slovakia. I'm a free-lance commissioning engineer & commissioning manager in international plant engineering. I commissioned different water treatment plants, petrochemical plants and solar silicon production facilities worldwide on my own or in multicultural [...]